Self-Defense Instruction Conference

Registration will open soon for the 2018 Self Defense Instruction Conference and Special Training camp.


The Self Defense Instruction Conference (SDIC) Early Program will run throughout the Main Program and conclude on  Sunday, July 19th.  The  Program will address violence prevention and self-defense instruction.  It is a chance for those new to the Self-Defense Empowerment Model to learn how to teach personal safety in a strengths-based and trauma-informed way, and for seasoned instructors in the model to share their skills with each other and learn about innovative work being done in the field.   


NWMAF Self-Defense Instructor Certification

The NWMAF is a credentialing body for self-defense instructors.  Certification is an extensive process, and the attendance at the SDIC is a requirement for certification.  Additionally, instructors seeking certification are required to attend the Self Defense Empowerment Model Course (SDEMC).  This model course is offered during the Main Program by a certified self-defense instructor.  Read more about certification requirements.



In recent years the NWMAF has partnered with state chapters of the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) to offer Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for social workers who attend the SDIC.  We expect to offer CEUs again in 2018. 


Conference Offerings

In past years, offerings have included:

  • Energy Awareness
  • Self-Defense Research and the Evidence Base for Self-Defense
  • Working with Men & Boys
  • Teaching Self-Defense to people who are blind and visually-impaired
  • Understanding and Explaining Trauma to Self-Defense Participants
  • Microaggressions
  • Bystander Intervention
  • De-escalation
  • Working with Youth
  • The Business of Self-Defense
  • Field and Office Safety for Social Service and Healthcare Providers

...and much more.  For a complete list of conference offerings, check out the conference schedules from previous years:






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