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New! NWMAF Code of Conduct Policy Open for Comment

9/1/2021 opens the 30-day Member review period, at the end of which we will have reached a draft that we can all, the entire membership, vote on whether to adopt. 

There are additional Policies, including Events Policies, Youth Policies, Marketing Policies, and more, that are being worked on and will become a part of this document. Those will also undergo the same adoption process the CoC/P is undertaking. 

This CoC/P document also formally adopts the ESD Instructor Code of Ethics that the community has worked to hone. 

Once adopted, we will ask all of our members to sign onto the CoC/P to demonstrate their commitment to Ethical conduct within and outside of the organization.

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Jaye Spiro 2018Newsletters and forums provide a place for you to share:

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    discussions about diversity,

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