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Do you have questions to ask, ideas to share, or concerns to discuss with us? If so, we can help you most efficiently if you can direct your inquiries to the appropriate woman.

By E-Mail:

Board of Directors

Chair ( 

Susan "George" Schorn
General questions about the NWMAF, including policies.... ask the Chair

Treasurer ( 

Karen Brown
Questions about payment, donations, and other financial issues... ask the Treasurer

Secretary (
Wendy Lathrop

Questions about where to find NWMAF documents and processes, or newsletter submissions... ask the Secretary

Events Coordinator ( 

Nikki Smith

Questions about Special Training and other national events... ask the Events Coordinator


Erin Epperson
Ideas for raising money for the scholarship, archives or general operating funds, questions about merchandise availability and suggestions for new merchandise.... send to the Fundraiser

Director-At-Large for Member Relations (

Carmel Drewes
Questions about your membership, regional activities, and opportunities to serve on committees... ask the Director-at-Large for Member Relations!

Director-At-Large for Self Defense ( 

Amy Jones
Questions about your self-defense training and certification, and opportunities to serve on committees... ask the Director-at-Large for Self Defense

Departments and Committees


Nominations Committee
Submit nominations for Board positions that are up for election. Remember, nominations are due by February 15 each year. See the Bylaws to find out which positions are up for election in any given year.



Self Defense Instructor Certification
Questions about NWMAF self-defense instructor certification and the application process.

Awards Committee (
Would you like to nominate a woman for the NWMAF Award of Excellence or the Coleen Gragen Award of Inspiration? Refer to the documented award process for details. Deadlines for submission are January 31 of each year.


By Mail:

You can contact the NWMAF office by mail at:
 National Women's Martial Arts Federation
 9450 SW Gemini Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-2343

NWMAF is a volunteer-run organization. The best way to contact us is to e-mail one of the officers.

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