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NWMAF Certified Self-Defense Instructor Recertification

Re-Certification Process

  • Recertification is required every 5 years.
  • Regular attendance at SDIC or self-defense training at Special Training is strongly encouraged. 
  • SDIC is the professional development conference for NWMAF instructors, held concurrently or adjacent to the NWMAF’s martial arts training camp.  Note that this is distinct from the self-defense empowerment model course, which is held during the training camp and is meant to be an introduction to self-defense instruction.  Attendance at the model course does not count for re-certification.
  • Instructors may re-certify via documentation of 25 hours of professional development, at least 5 of which should be from attendance at SDIC.
  • All 25 hours may be from this source.  Additional sources may include:
    • Professional development (beyond initial instructor training) at one’s own accredited self-defense program.  This can include helping to teach new instructors.  No more than 10 hours may be from this source
    • Professional development at another accredited self-defense program.
    • Continuing Education credits (CEUs) from any helping profession.  The CEUs must be relevant to self-defense, violence prevention, or understanding violence and violence-induced trauma.

If you wish to proceed with the Re-Certification process, please complete the online application (preferred) or download a paper copy and submit it to 

After you submit your application, make your payment.

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