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With the Covid-19 Pandemic still in full force, we have decided to shift the spotlight back onto our NWMAF community.  We know that for many of you, the Conference Bazar is one of the largest opportunities to engage your organization with the community.  Even though we have cancelled our in-person conference, we still want to provide you with that opportunity.

To help us spotlight your organization, we request 3 things from you.

1.    Record a brief 30 second video, giving a brief synopsis of your organization (introduce yourself, short 1-2 sentences about your organization, web address where people can find more information about your organization).  *Think of this as a commercial for your organization*

2.    Record a 2-4 minute video, going a little more in-depth about your organization (introduction, the types of services your organization provides the community, brief history of the organization, testimonials from your employees/volunteers/clients).  Feel free to included multiple employees/volunteers/clients in your video.  Think of this as a small infomercial for your organization, an opportunity to highlight what it is that you do, and the service you can provide to the community.  We truly want this to be about YOU, we are simply offering our platforms to get your messaging across to the masses.

3.    Fill out the below registration form below, and upload your videos when submitting. After submitting you will be contacted with instructions to submit an advertising fee of $20.

When naming your videos, please utilize the following format:

COMPANYNAME_LENGTH (Commercial - Short, Infomercial - Long)

Example: NWMAF_Short, NWMAF_Long

Registration will officially close at 11:59 PM on March 31, 2021.

Third party registrations will not be accepted.  All registrants must be a part of the business/organizations they are registering for/representing. 

NWMAF continues to encourage individuals and businesses to practice social distancing, mask wearing, and other established safety practices.

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