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The NWMAF is pleased to announce an open call for trainers and presenters for the Tri-Alliance Gathering 2016 conference and training camp, taking place July 2016 in Naperville, IL.  Download the PDF Application.

General Information for Applicants

Attendees of the Tri-Alliance Gathering will include women and girls of diverse backgrounds and interests, and for Saturday only, male allies from NWMAF affiliated schools. The conference will feature programming in four main areas: Self-Defense; Violence Prevention; Healing Arts and Martial Arts.


The NWMAF values diversity, and encourages women of all of ethnicities, religious backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, social classes, nationalities , and physical abilities to apply. Women need not be a member of the NWMAF to apply as a trainer or presenter. Though of course martial arts classes must be taught by experienced martial artists, those interested in teaching in the self-defense, healing arts, and violence prevention tracks need not be martial artists. Presenters should be aware that most attendees will be martial artists, and will experience the class through that lens.

Presenters / Trainers are invited to submit anywhere from 1-6 proposals, each for a 1.5 hour long workshop.  Please indicate which path (see below) you see each workshop best matching.  For each workshop you propose, we need a title, content outline and notes on whom it is appropriate/geared for.  Please keep in mind the diverse attendees at our event, and demonstrate how you plan to address their various needs, keep them safe, and provide a positive learning experience for them.


Saving the application: You do not need to finish the application all at once. To save, simply choose "Save As" from the file menu, and "PDF." Rename the form, if you wish, and click "Save" in the dialog box. Save early and often! You must save the file before sending it.


Self-Defense / Violence Prevention Path:

Workshop proposals are invited from presenters with academic and/or professional experience with successful and  innovative interventions. We are interested both in work that focuses on individual participants, i.e. all kinds of self-defense work with small or large groups, as well as community responses to systemic forms of violence. The NWMAF espouses an empirically-based, empowerment model of self-defense.  Please refer to the core competencies if you are unfamiliar with NWMAF self-defense.


The NWMAF is a credentialing body for self-defense instructors; however, applicants need not be certified by the NWMAF.  Other topics on which we invite proposals include: teaching diverse audiences; adapting content for special needs; ways to inspire people to be “upstanders;” building trust and respect among those in different sectors of violence prevention; successful strategies for funding this important work, and other business and marketing related topics. Wednesday and Thursday morning programing is exclusively focused on self-defense and violence prevention, while Thursday through Sunday will include 1-2 Self Defense/Violence Prevention workshops in each session.


Martial Arts Path:

Workshop proposals are invited from black belt or equivalent teachers of all martial arts including traditional and non-traditional; hard and soft; weapons and empty hand; sportive and non-competitive; including those done on mats or hard floors. Our program will offer classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Attendees typically choose a mixture of classes, some of which relate to arts they already study, while others may be entirely new to them. If you have excellent skills and a desire to work with girls ages 6 to 12, please consider creating a class proposal for our Young Martial Artists program.


Healing Arts Path:

Workshop proposals are invited from those with professional experience in any health and/or healing modality. Included will be arts/practices from both east and west – and north and south too! Classes in this track are intended to support attendees’ self-care; enhance decision-making when injuries or illnesses occur; and support healing of mind and body from the trauma created by violence.

Teaching the Teacher:

This year with the Tri-Alliance Gathering, we will have Teaching the Teacher classes.  If you have content that would benefit martial arts instructors, please submit classes for this area.

All trainers will be provided early arrival on Wednesday.  Trainers who are scheduled for Wednesday classes, will also be provided an early arrival room for Tuesday night stay.


Ready to apply? Download the PDF Application. Please follow all the instructions.  



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