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A community by and for women in the martial arts

  • Do you love martial arts?
  • Do you teach or study self-defense?
  • Are you a healing arts practitioner?
  • Do you love your art and dream of sharing it with other women?
  • Do you want to experience a supportive learning environment?
  • Do you want to further the participation of women and girls in these arts?

You are in the right place.

Zimron, Feldman, Lathrop, Richardson, Van Wright, Ransom

The NWMAF is a community of women who, like yourself, train in martial and healing arts and self-defense. From Aikido to Zujitsu, empty-hand to weapons, self-defense to healing arts, our members span the gamut. Join us!

NWMAF members reap the benefits of practice and study of our health, self-confidence, physical fitness, and stress management. Some of us have been training over many decades, others just a few months. Yet we can all come together and train.

To that end, every summer the NWMAF puts on a Special Training and Self-Defense Instruction Conference. You choose from a variety of classes. Each day brings many sessions and several options: a “hard style” class, “soft style” class, mat art, self-defense, healing arts, and weapons. Expert trainers tailor their teaching for a wide range of students – from beginners to experts.

Take a look around this website, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you!


The NWMAF is a collection of remarkable women connected by a common passion. I joined the organization in 2004 and attended my first conference in 2006. Since then, I have discovered the infinite variety of individuals that make up the women in martial arts.


As chair, I have the good fortune to communicate and team up with accomplished women from all over the world. These women have inspired young people to a passion that changes their lives and spreads positive energy like a drop of water in a pond that ripples outward.


I see the positive change martial arts has created in my life and the lives of students I teach.


The vision I have for the NWMAF, is that we continue to fulfill our mission of empowering women through martial arts and self-defense training, by encouraging everyday participation at local schools and training centers.


--Teddie Linder, Chair, December 2013

Upcoming events

Stay tuned.. new events are being scheduled!

The Board's annual report to members was presented and discussed at Camp Unity. Download the report here.

Statement from the Board of Directors of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation

The National Women’s Martial Arts Federation calls on all people who practice martial arts, healing arts, and self-defense to stand in active opposition to the increase in hate and discrimination that has taken place following the 2016 Presidential election. Our country and our communities include people of many backgrounds, many religions, and many political views. We value that diversity. Martial arts, healing arts, and self-defense programs provide us an opportunity to come together for personal and community healing. They provide the opportunity for us to value each other as training partners even when other aspects of our lives are very different. All of our arts hold respect as a central tenet. We call upon our membership and our larger community to put that value into action by connecting with those who are different from ourselves and standing up to those who promote division or attack members of marginalized groups.  -  11/13/2016

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